Value Added Services

We offer different array of value added services according to our customers need. Below is some of our services described as………….

Fiscal Representation Service:

For companies without registered domicile in Bangladesh we undertake fiscal representation and all related Tax & VAT liabilities. We keep record of all imports/exports as well as inland transactions and settle with the Tax department quarterly. Your benefit: we reclaim paid import tax and pretax for you. We can provide you with detailed information in this regard within half a day.

Insurance Service:

Your consignments are automatically covered within the international liability regulations of the individual carriers (airlines, shipping companies etc.) and up to a certain liability limit. However, in most instances, this carrier liability is not sufficient to cover the full value plus transport costs in the case of damage or loss. To be on the safe side, we therefore recommend additional transport insurance for every consignment. On specific instruction, we will cover your consignments on a "ALL RISKS“basis within our general marine insurance policy with minimum premium.

Packing Service:

We offer a professional packing service for unpacked goods. For security and liability reasons against third parties, we only forward goods, that are packed "fit for transport“. Should you not be in a position to hand over your goods packed accordingly, we will gladly give you advice on how to do so.

Garment on Hanger:

We have expertise to fabricate container for garments on hanger shipments. We can fabricate bar based and rope loop based fabrication.


Penta Freight Services are amongst a very small number of Bangladesh based international freight forwarders, able to provide this specialized shipping service to expedite international movements of project cargo

Our Company knows which shipping line is best suited to your requirements; whether the consignment is shipped on a Flat Rack, break bulk vessel, or a roll-on-roll-off vessel. Project Cargo can also encompass ocean freight, air freight road and rail from site to installation. This requires managing a huge array of different infrastructures and regulatory bodies.

We pride ourselves in discussing and understanding your needs of these specialized projects, so we can offer you the best possible solution. Our team understands what is required to freight your shipment to your destination in the safest and most economical configuration.


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